Your Twin Vew Price doesn’t match the awesome elegance and style your unit brings

Your Twin Vew Price doesn’t match the awesome elegance and style your unit brings
Your Twin Vew Price doesn’t match the awesome elegance and style your unit brings


It’s very easy to confuse price would value. It really is. It really is too bad that people fall for this trap time and time again. They get so fixated about how much something costs that they turn a blind eye to the real value of that item. They’re completely clueless about the fact that regardless of how much they pay for something that item is priceless because it creates memories, it has all sorts of social value. It also signifies their personal style, elegance and sophistication.

If you are ready to overcome this natural tendency to link price with value, then you’re definitely ready for a Twin Vew price for your unit.

Twin Vew is a condominium complex in Singapore. It is located in one of the prime locations in Singapore, and it definitely is one hot piece of property. Just how hot is Twin Vew? Well, the Twin Vew price continues to go up, up and up.

A lot of people are thinking that this is a bad thing. They see the price of a condo unit going sky high, and they automatically see red flags. This is short-term thinking. You have to understand that given how little space there is a left in Singapore, you can pretty much write your own paycheck when it comes to real estate or leasing prices. Whether you are thinking of buying in and then selling the unit after a few years, or you just want to buy a unit then turn around and lease it to some expat, you stand to make some money from this Singapore property.

That’s just how hot the local Singapore market is. Don’t get it twisted. Don’t think that just because a lot of people have bid up the price of Twin Vew Condominium units that the market is essentially tapped out. Well, that applies to other markets in many other parts of the world, but it definitely doesn’t apply Singapore.

You have to understand this city state is very small. It has a tiny footprint. There are also a lot of green areas which developers can’t build on.

Accordingly, the tight inventory of real estate means that prices only have one direction to go, and that is up. It may sound crazy because, of course, real estate markets go through up-and-down cycles. Singapore is not immune to this, but the good news is it has so many structural advantages that the likelihood of the market going belly up is quite slim indeed. It may happen, it has happened in the past, but the good news is if it does run into a rough patch, it would quickly correct itself.

Make them just think about it if you are turned off by the high Twin Vew price, you might want to think again because what seems like an expensive property now is only going to look cheap if present market conditions persist.