You need to pay attention to personal style to achieve TDE status

You need to pay attention to personal style to achieve TDE status
You need to pay attention to personal style to achieve TDE status


A lot of people are thinking that successful dieting yes nothing to do with personal style or lifestyle. Well, if you’re one of those people, think again. There’s a reason why people tend to fail with diet after diet. It’s actually quite predictable. They would start a diet, things don’t work out, then they stop, they gain weight or they gain back all the weight that they lost, then they try again with another diet. On and on it goes.

Now, you know why the global weight-loss industry is a multibillion dollar behemoth that shows no signs of slowing down. People are simply stuck on some sort of weight-loss treadmill. They go on the treadmill, they fail, and then they on another treadmill and on and on it goes. Throughout all this process, billions of dollars are spent.

The reason a lot of those diets fail is because a lot of the people behind those diets don’t pay attention personal style. Now, please note that most diets currently on the market work; otherwise, they won’t be in the market. Otherwise, people won’t be buying them. They work at some level or other.

However, all this failure leads to the same place. People may be able to lose weight here and there, but that’s not the issue. The issue is keeping the weight off. The mark of a true TDE is lifestyle. Put more specifically, this person is specific about lifestyle. This person would not recommend a diet to a person who has a lifestyle that doesn’t fit that diet.

By paying close attention to the intersection between personal style, lifestyle and weight-loss strategies and methods, a true TED can enable his or her clients to achieve amazing results. It’s as if they lost weight for the first time in their lives because now, the weight doesn’t come back. People are just excited and shocked that this happens.

However, it really all boils down to making sure there’s a tight fit between how people actually live and the specific weight-loss strategy you are recommending to them. Everything has to fit. Everything has to flow from how things currently are instead of how you wish things would be.

You might be thinking that a person’s style has more to do with their clothing, makeup, and scent choices. You would be mistaken. While personal style can be readily be observed, it goes beyond that. Our style of doing things also extends to how we handle information, how we deal with process, and other things. Focus on this and you would be able to communicate information that actually gets acted on.

This is the mark of a real diet expert. Everybody else just talks a good game. Everybody else is just on the bandwagon as far as the jargon that they split out and the whole nine yards but, at the end of the day, it’s all about results. That’s how people would know whether you really are an expert, or you’re just trying to fake it until you make it.