Romeo Rim not only delivers practicality, but style and sophistication as well

Romeo Rim not only delivers practicality, but style and sophistication as well
Romeo Rim not only delivers practicality, but style and sophistication as well


Usually, when people consider plastics manufacturing subcontractors and infrastructure providers like Romeo Rim, the words style and sophistication are not really top of mind. Far from it. If anything,  clients are thinking about industrial issues like productivity, standardization and quality engineering. Now, as important as these factors are, if you are serious about hiring the service of companies like Romeo Rim, you need to be serious about the impact of style and sophistication on your product.

Believe it or not, if you pay attention to these qualities your products may get such a competitive advantage that you can charge a premium for your products. That’s right, you can boost your profit margin with these little ‘extras.’ You may be thinking this is nice and everything but not all that compelling because, hey, it’s all about productivity.
You might want to reconsider. Seriously. You have to understand that the law in modern globalized manufacturing is that if you do not build a product brand, you are producing a commodity. As you probably are already well aware, fighting a battle in the commodity game is fighting a game to lose. It really is. Why? Well, if you are in a market and you are selling commodities, there is really no distinguishing mark between your products and those produced by a competitor. You know it. Your competitors know and worst of all, your target customers know it.
So what? How bad can it get. Well, it can get really bad. Since your customers think that there is really nothing separating your product from the material produced by your competition, they can safely consider your stuff commodities and judge it based on price. You probably already know that competing based on price is a one way ticket to bankruptcy. Something has to give and sooner or later it will be your company. Bad move. Bad idea. You need to create sunlight between your brand and competitors otherwise it is curtains for your business.

For some product lines, this makes all the sense in the world. For example, if you are selling artistic plastic pieces or plastic molded products that have some sort of artistic design, this would be a big deal. You want manufacturing equipment and a tried-and-proven contract manufacturing partner that would crank out high-quality products with the right look and with the right qualities.

However, you have to go beyond that because consumers are aware of the global manufacturing landscape. They know full well that most products are made in China. If you are going to step up and sell products made in the United States, you have to sell style and sophistication. This is the key.

Thankfully, outfits like Romeo Rim are able to produce finely crafted plastic products, but they need your specific directions. They need these clear directions that enable them to produce the right product at the right time to appeal to the right people. This is not easy nor is it intuitive. You have to guide them through each step of the process.