Romania Software Development: How to Get the Best Out of Nearshoring

Romania Software Development: How to Get the Best Out of Nearshoring
Romania Software Development: How to Get the Best Out of Nearshoring

The World Wide Web is filled with articles centered on outsourcing software development and stories of its success. However, IT outsourcing involves certain difficulty and risks, thus the next question is not surprising – How can one make relations with Romania software development providers more reliable and safe and profitable at the same time? A way to a win- win outsourcing strategy and a possible answer can be a responsive dedicated development team.

Dedicated Software Development

In summary, a dedicated development team is a managerial and software production staff that works for a company or nosiness remotely (offshore or nearshore). Such workforce is established with the help of a specialized out staffing or local IT firm. Those forms in question provide the following:

  • Administrative and technical supervision and support;
  • Necessary accounting, legal services and tax for the team members;
  • Infrastructure: software, hardware, office space, networks, etc.;
  • IT specialists with necessary skills.

The customer is in the position of selecting every team member. The skill profile and size of a dedicated team is usually changed with time.

To this present date, a wide experience has been recorded and accumulated in making use of dedicated developments teams that are located in Eastern Europe (Romania, Russia, Ukraine, etc.), Asia and other outsourcing geographical locations. Conferring to analytical reports, this model is considered as one of the reliable forms of ITR outsourcing for both small software firms and large companies and start-ups that are situated in Europe and USA

At this same instance, the practice actually demonstrates that in many cases the best results are acquired when the dedicated team model is amalgamated with a responsive software development method

Responsive Dedicated Software Development Teams

By the application of a responsive approach to dedicated Romania software development teams, we get outsourced software development, which is actually characterized by the following factors:

  • Continuous knowledge, learning exchange and improvement of processes
  • Aspiration to looking out for solutions to every problem
  • Early identification and risks mitigation
  • Consistent communication between the dedicated team and the client.
  • Iterative development and planning
  • Common values and purposes for the remote team and customer.