Elements of a Good Graphic Design Portfolio

As a graphic designer, the focus of the portfolio that you are buildingshould be the work that you have been doing thus far. You needto show to potentialclients thatyouhave the talent and the skill set to do whatever graphicdesigning work that theywant to commission you to do. Your portfolio will help serve as samples of the kind of work that they can expect from you if you are tapped to do the job.

You want to present yourself as a brand. You want to create a portfolio where the works that are showcased there represents what you are and how you are as a graphic designer. It is always easier for people to associateyour work with you when they see that the portfolio has this theme that bringseverything together. This means that you need to have something, some quirk or some characteristics, that will help makeit easier for you to set yourself apart from the rest of the ones that are out there.

Use this as a chance to show off too. You have worked hard to build up your portfolio. It took years for you to create all the samples and all the works that are being featured there. It is only right that you will make the most use of them to convince and impress prospective clientsof what it is that you can truly do. Remember thatgraphic design relies more on making animpression with the aesthetics and the visuals of your work. This is no time for you to hold back. See to it that you create stepsin ensuring that you will get the attention that you aim to achieve.

It does nothurt to have some surprises up yoursleeve too you can always add more creative weight to the way you presentyourportfolio. You want to present it in a manner where it is actually hard for the prospectto guess what is in store for them. Having a brandnewelement introduced to your audience when they least expect it is always a good source of delight. This will give them the impression that you do not just do with good,but you try to think out of the box. You will give the impression too that you are the kind of person that wants to push limits as well- something that every client out there would want their graphic designer to be.

It helps you will tell a story behindyour portfolio. You know thatyou have a lotof to tell about the strugglesthat you have to go through to get to where you are now. You want to showcase the changes in your style as agraphic designer over the years in the portfolio as well. So, using this as a reference point for the portfolio in whichthins will bebased on is always a good idea.

If you can make the portfolio in a manner where it showcases more than just a single talent all at once. You do want to impress the clients and if you can show to them that there are a lot of things that you arecapable of doing, there is a good chance that you will easily land that project.